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Phil Barry Between the Carolinas (Princess)
Understated rock more than moody americana, Phil Barry's songs have a strong dose of that desultory late 70s feel. Gorgeous hooks combined with the feeling that the world will be ending soon. The sound is so compelling that I sometimes lose track of the songs themselves, which is a shame. Fascinating.



Phil Barry - Between The Carolinas (CD, Princess / Chased By Flying Monkeys, Pop)
Phil Barry has been a very busy man over the past few years. In the early 2000's he played in the band Knee Deep Shag (they released four full-length discs and played hundreds of shows). After the band split he played guitar for Rachael Yamagata which involved touring the globe. Now Phil's keeping busy writing and recording solo material, playing in the band Corn Fed Girls, and quilting (?!). Between The Carolinas is Barry's first full-length release...and it's chock full of warm, inviting, highly melodic tunes that will immediately turn on fans of classic pop. Thus far Barry's music has been compared to a wide range of artists including Alex Chilton, John Lennon, Simon and Garfunkel, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (among others). Phil originally released this album as a CD-R way back in 2009 (it was one of our Top Picks then). Now the smart intuitive folks at Princess Records have done the right thing, reissuing the album to what will hopefully be a substantially larger audience. Ten killer pop cuts here including "Cora," "Mercury," "The Spaces," and "Goodbye Is Not The End." Once again...this one's highly recommended...


Sensory Attack

Phil Barry Between The Carolinas
This disc contains a breath of fresh air in the vast sea of local releases – and that is a breeze of “subtlety.” With its post-Simon and Garfunkel filtered through the ’90 songwriting, it has an unusual sincerity. Barry started in West Michigan’s Knee Deep Shag, then spent time as a hired guitar gun for Warner Bros. recording artist Rachael Yamagata. Whatever the album is doing, it places it a cut above – and not because of the recording quality (though, that is also very good). Barry’s voice is nothing that will top the pop charts, but he knows what it can do and he squeezes all the musicality he can out of it. Go to, like, now.




CD Review

Kaj Roth (Staff) GenrePop Rock
LabelHey Burner!
ProducerJeff Moehle FormatAlbum

"Between the Carolinas" is the debut album from Michigan based singer / songwriter Phil Barry.
The sound of this album can be described as a mix of folkrock, California 60´s pop and Country music.
There are traces of Simon and Garfunkel, The Jayhawks and Crosby Stills Nash and Young in Phil Barry´s songs.
This is only a 9 track album with a running time of 29 minutes so you will find yourself listening to the first song again within no time.
There´s a great moody feeling over "Between the Carolinas" and I like Barry´s voice quite a lot, a nice album so to speak.
Highlights: The spaces, Between the Carolinas

Tracklisting1. Cora
2. Between The Carolinas
3. Mercury
4. Dark Star
5. Gracie
6. Never Gonna Be Your Man
7. I'm Your Man
8. The Spaces
9. Crying Shame
10. Goodbye Is Not The End